Keep your food
fresh for longer

Better for your food,
your family
and our planet

Natural alternative
to single-use
plastic wrap

Love our planet? So do we!

Waxiwraps beeswax wraps offer a natural alternative to plastic cling film and also help to keep your food fresh for longer - so you get to reduce food waste too! Not only are beeswax wraps better for your family with no toxins and no nasties, but they are also better for our food and our planet.  They come in a choice of stylish designs that will make packaging your food, sandwiches, and snacks fun for the whole family. And they make a perfect gift for anyone who loves to cook or entertain! 

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What Customers are saying about Us

I first bought your wonderful Waxiwraps for Christmas 2018.  They last so very long!  Earlier this year, I needed more and purchased two other reputable brands – without joy.  I’ve learnt the hard way and will happily be purchasing only Waxiwraps from now on.  Thanks for a wonderful product.


I buy a LOT less cling wrap now and food wrapped in Waxiwraps really does stay fresher for longer.  They are great for wrapping up sandwiches for lunch.


I was quite skeptical but always open to new ideas, especially ones that help reduce waste. I decided to purchase a pack of Waxiwraps to see what they were like. Well, I was impressed and have since bought more.  I absolutely love them and they have greatly reduced the amount of cling wrap I use.  Waxiwraps are just as effective as cling wrap, if not more so.  And the fabrics and prints are gorgeous.  I love love love them.  If you are a skeptic like me, give them a try.


Love our Waxiwraps!  We bought them mainly for cheese and ends of veggies and have used them non-stop for the past few months.  All still working beautifully, in particular the cheese one gets wrapped and unwrapped almost daily with three hungry boys in the house!  So great not to have cling wrap in the fridge.


Many thanks for the prompt delivery of my recent order. This was not my first order, I just love your Waxiwraps! I have used other brands but yours are by far the best.  Others used have not moulded to the shape of the item very well whereas yours do so easily.  I have also found if looked after well, your wraps last much longer.  Thanks for a great product.

Los Angeles, CA

I bought your Waxiwraps two years ago from my local chemist and just love them as they are the best wraps by far.  My wraps are still beautiful and they are such an excellent product.  Such great presents to send in the post for friends too!


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