How To

Refresh Your

Assuming that you use your wraps regularly, and that you care and maintain them as recommended, Waxiwraps can last for 12+ months.  However, you can revitalise them from time to time with a Refresher Bar to help them last even longer!

Start by spreading a single sheet of baking-paper onto a large flat baking tray, and laying a single Waxiwrap on top. Grate a fine, even coating of wax over the top of the wrap, and then pop the tray into the oven (low setting 100degrees) for 2-3 minutes until all the wax has melted into the fabric.  Remove from the oven (do not touch yet) and using a small clean brush, make sure the wax has covered the whole wrap.  Then carefully lift two corners of your wrap off the tray and hold it up, moving it back and forth to ‘catch the breeze’ and cool down.  The room air cools the wax blend quickly and you’ll be able to lay down your dry wrap within a few minutes.

A similar result can be achieved by using a hot iron.  Simply place an old towel on your ironing board and lay a large piece of baking paper down on top, followed by your flat wrap.  After grating some wax from your Refresher Bar over the wrap, place another large piece of baking paper on top, so that no edges of the Waxiwrap can be touched by the hot iron.  Run the iron over the paper to heat and melt the wax – it only takes a minute.  Quickly peel the top paper off, then lift up the wrap by picking up two corners, and wave it in the cool air until dry.